Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery Rumors: Separating Myth from Reality

Kerry Washington is an American actress who rose to fame in the early 2000s for her roles in films like Ray and The Last King of Scotland. She was born in 1977 in New York City and started acting during her school years, appearing in plays and musicals. Her breakthrough role came in 2004 when she played Della Bea Robinson in the critically acclaimed film Ray. This launched her career and led to more prominent roles in major Hollywood films over the next decade. Some of her most notable performances were in movies like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Fantastic Four, and Django Unchained.

In 2012, Washington began starring as Olivia Pope in the hit TV series Scandal, which cemented her status as a major star. She has received multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for her portrayal of the Washington D.C. crisis manager. Outside of acting, Washington is also known for her fashion sense and activism for causes like gun control and women’s rights. She has become one of the most prominent and successful African American actresses of the 21st century.

Rumors of Cosmetic Procedures

Kerry Washington Plastic Surgery

Rumors of Kerry Washington getting plastic surgery started circulating in 2013 when people noticed changes in her appearance, particularly around her eyes and nose. Some speculated that she may have gotten an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) and/or rhinoplasty based on before and after photos showing a more open-eyed look and slimmer nose profile.

While it’s not uncommon for celebrities to get cosmetic enhancements, the speculation sparked debate among fans and plastic surgery experts about whether the changes in Kerry’s look were due to going under the knife or just natural aging in her mid-to-late 30s.

Eyelid Surgery

Kerry Washington Eyelid Surgery

Kerry Washington has been the subject of rumors that she has had eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty. Analysis of before and after photos shows some subtle but noticeable differences in her eyelids and eyebrows. In earlier photos, Kerry’s eyes had more of a “hooded” look, with extra skin drooping over her eyelids, making them appear smaller and more closed off. However, in more recent red carpet photos, her eyes appear more open, bright and youthful. The extra skin overhang on her eyelids appears to be gone, giving her a refreshed, wide-eyed look.

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This points to a possible blepharoplasty procedure to remove excess skin for a more youthful, awake appearance. Kerry’s eyebrows also look slightly higher and more arched than before. An eyebrow lift could account for this change. While the differences are subtle, an eyelid surgery like blepharoplasty could explain the transformation in the appearance of Kerry’s eyes over the years.

Nose Job

Kerry Washington Nose Job

There has been speculation that Kerry Washington has gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty) over the years. Some have pointed to differences in the shape of her nose in before and after photos as evidence. However, the changes appear quite subtle. It’s possible that contouring makeup techniques may account for some of the perceived differences.

When directly asked about plastic surgery rumors in 2020, Kerry did not confirm a nose job and simply said “I haven’t had time”. Overall, any changes to her nose shape seem minor and do not drastically alter her natural beauty. While a subtle nose job can’t be ruled out, there is no definitive proof that Kerry has had rhinoplasty.

Skin Lightening

Kerry Washington Skin Lightening

In 2015, InStyle magazine was accused of digitally lightening Kerry Washington’s skin on the cover of their March 2015 issue. Many readers believed the magazine had intentionally altered the color of her skin to make her appear lighter. The accusations sparked a debate about racism and colorism in the media industry.

In response, both InStyle and Kerry Washington denied that her skin was deliberately lightened. The magazine acknowledged that the lighting used on the cover shoot may have given the impression of lightened skin. Kerry took to social media to address the controversy, stating that she was “proud of the cover” and that it was not her intention to spark such an important discussion about race and imagery. She emphasized the need for more diversity and balance in media representation.

Breast Augmentation

Kerry Washington Breast Augmentation

There have been rumors that Kerry Washington has gotten breast augmentation surgery, as her breast size appears larger in recent years compared to earlier in her career. Some plastic surgery experts believe she may have gotten small breast implants to enhance her bustline. However, this is difficult to confirm definitively from photos alone.

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It’s possible the perceived change in breast size could be attributed to weight gain, padded bras or photographic angles. Kerry has never confirmed getting breast implants. Overall, while some speculate she’s had a boob job, there is no concrete evidence to prove this rumor. Her bust size does appear slightly larger but within a natural range that could be explained by non-surgical factors.


Kerry Washington Botox

Kerry Washington’s wrinkle-free forehead and smooth skin texture in her late 30s sparked rumors that she uses Botox injections. Botox is commonly used by celebrities and public figures to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Some signs that Kerry may use Botox:

  • Her forehead is extremely smooth with no wrinkles, even when expressing emotions. This is a classic sign of Botox use.

  • The area between her brows is very smooth. Botox is often injected here to reduce “elevens” lines.

  • The crows feet around her eyes are diminished compared to earlier in her career. Botox can be used to minimize wrinkles in this area.

  • Her skin looks tightened and lifted, especially around her jaw and neck. Botox provides a subtle lift when injected into the lower face and neck.

Of course, it’s impossible to know for sure if Kerry gets Botox injections. Good genes and skincare could also explain her youthful appearance. But the visible lack of wrinkles and smoothness of her skin are common indicators of possible Botox use.

Kerry’s Response

Kerry Washington has directly addressed the plastic surgery rumors on multiple occasions. In an interview with Allure in 2013, she said “I haven’t had plastic surgery. I’m not judging those who do, but I also don’t want people to judge me and think that I’ve had work done.” She emphasized being comfortable in her own skin and learning to embrace her natural beauty over time.

In 2016, Washington called out Adweek magazine for excessively photoshopping a cover image of her, stating “It felt strange to look at a picture of myself that is so different from what I look like when I look in the mirror. It’s an unfortunate feeling.” She has been an outspoken advocate for positive body image and realistic standards of beauty in the entertainment industry. While Washington acknowledges that some minor touch-ups are expected, she strives to have her images represent her authentic self.

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Expert Opinions

Kerry Washington Before and After

According to Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, it is possible that Kerry Washington has had some subtle cosmetic procedures done. He believes her eyelids look more open now, which could indicate blepharoplasty surgery. Her nose also appears slightly thinner and more refined at the tip, suggesting a possible rhinoplasty. However, the changes are quite subtle and her features still look natural.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, Kerry’s complexion does appear lighter in recent years compared to earlier in her career, which could point to skin lightening treatments. However, this could also be due to makeup techniques.

Overall, experts tend to agree any procedures Kerry has had were done conservatively and with restraint. While there are some signs of possible surgical tweaks, she has maintained her natural beauty.


After reviewing the available evidence, it seems Kerry Washington likely has had some minor cosmetic procedures done, though nothing overly dramatic or that has drastically altered her natural appearance.

The most credible rumors point to possible eyelid surgery, a nose job to subtly refine the tip, and nonsurgical treatments like Botox or filler to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. However, there is no definitive proof of these procedures, only speculation by cosmetic surgery experts and observers.

Some of the more extreme rumors, like skin bleaching or breast augmentation, seem unfounded and are not backed up by photographic evidence over the years. Her skin tone and breast size appear consistent throughout her career.

Overall, any procedures Kerry has had were likely done in a very natural, understated way to simply enhance her natural beauty versus transform her look. This is in keeping with how she has always presented herself as an elegant, classy actress focused more on her talent than appearance.

While Kerry has never directly confirmed or denied specific plastic surgery procedures, her graceful response acknowledging the pressures of Hollywood sends a positive message about aging gracefully under the scrutiny of the public eye. She remains a stunning and sophisticated star, whether completely natural or with some surgical assistance. Ultimately, her talent shines through as her most defining attribute.

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