Has January Jones Had Plastic Surgery?

January Jones is an American actress known for her roles in films like Mad Men, X-Men: First Class, and Unknown. She got her big break playing Betty Draper on the hit TV show Mad Men from 2007-2015, for which she received two Golden Globe nominations.

Rumors about January undergoing plastic surgery started circulating in the early 2010s. As January entered her 30s, fans began to notice subtle changes to her appearance that indicated she may have had some cosmetic procedures done. The speculation grew as January continued to look more youthful and refreshed over the years, defying the natural aging process.

While January has never directly confirmed getting plastic surgery, she also hasn’t denied it. Her changing looks have led many to believe she’s taken advantage of procedures like Botox, fillers, and potentially more invasive surgeries to maintain her beauty. We’ll take a look at the possible work January has had done and what experts have to say.

Nose Job

January Jones Nose Job

January Jones’ nose shape appears noticeably different in before and after photos, leading many to speculate she has had rhinoplasty or a nose job. In older photos, Jones’ nose looks wider with a rounder tip, whereas now it appears thinner and more refined with a pointier tip. The change in shape is visible from multiple angles in comparisons of past and present photographs.

According to plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif, Jones’ nose does look like it has been operated on. He praised the subtleness of the apparent procedure, commenting that it was done conservatively and maintaining an overall natural appearance. Other plastic surgery experts agree the difference in shape points to rhinoplasty.

Overall, the consensus is that January Jones most likely got a nose job early in her career to slim and refine the nose shape. The surgical results look natural and have held up nicely over the years.

Breast Augmentation

January Jones Breast Augmentation

Some speculate that January Jones may have gotten breast augmentation surgery, as her breast size appears noticeably larger than earlier in her career. While January has not directly commented on having breast implants, analyzing before and after photos shows a noticeable difference.

Breast augmentation surgeries became increasingly popular in the 1980s and 1990s. According to PBS, silicone breast implants were popular but also controversial as some claimed health issues related to ruptured implants. As we analyze January’s transformation, we must consider the context of beauty standards and plastic surgery trends during her rise to fame.

While January’s breasts appear augmented, only she can confirm if she underwent this plastic surgery. Her change in breast size may also be attributed to weight gain, pregnancy, or even padded bras. Without January’s word, we cannot conclude with certainty that she had implants.


January Jones Botox

January’s smooth, wrinkle-free forehead and lack of expression lines around her eyes and mouth have sparked speculation that she gets Botox injections. Some experts believe her taut skin and frozen appearance are signs she uses Botox regularly.

One cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Norman Rowe, said “It’s pretty obvious she’s using Botox. Her forehead is smooth with no wrinkles, and the space between her eyebrows doesn’t move.” While Botox can temporarily smooth wrinkles, some feel January may be overdoing it, affecting her ability to express emotion. However, January has not confirmed using Botox. Proper use requires precision injections from a trained professional to avoid an overly frozen or artificial look.

Lip Injections

January Jones Lip Injections

January Jones is known for her full lips and pouty look. While some suspect she was just blessed with naturally plump lips, others speculate she has had lip injections like Juvederm or Restylane to enhance her pout.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe stated, “January Jones’ lips do appear fuller, which is typically achieved through injections like Juvederm or Restylane.” He suggests her lips have likely been plumped up with temporary fillers.

However, January has not confirmed getting lip injections. She attributes her full lips to genes, saying, “I just have big lips. My sister has big lips too.”

While January credits her genetics, experts suspect she gets lip fillers to enhance her naturally full pout. Her lips appear smoothed out and inflated in recent years compared to earlier in her career.

Face Lift

January Jones Face Lift

While January Jones has not openly admitted to getting a face lift, some plastic surgeons believe she may have undergone a subtle procedure to lift and tighten the skin on her face. Dr. John Diaz, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, noted in 2020 that Jones’ face appears smoother, with less sagging skin around the jawline and tighter skin around the neck. The smoothness and defined lines along her jaw and cheeks could indicate a minor face lift.

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Other surgeons have pointed out her lack of wrinkles and smooth forehead at age 44 as potential signs of a brow or mid-face lift. However, any procedures appear to be subtle, as January Jones still retains a natural look. The actress herself has not confirmed getting any face work done. While her face shape appears largely unchanged, the tightness of her skin and lack of sagging suggest she may have had a minor surgical lift to maintain a youthful appearance.

Other Procedures

January Jones Plastic Surgery

January has never confirmed getting any other cosmetic procedures done, but some experts and fans suspect she may have also gotten some minor tweaks over the years such as:

  • Eyelid surgery – January’s eyes appear more open and youthful in recent years, indicating she may have had blepharoplasty to remove excess skin and fat around the eyelids. This can give a more rested, alert appearance.

  • Skin treatments – Her skin looks smooth and line-free, suggesting possible laser resurfacing, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion. Non-invasive skin tightening treatments like Ultherapy may also play a role.

  • Before and after – Comparing photos over time, January’s face shape appears slightly slimmer, while her eyes and skin show noticeable signs of rejuvenation. The changes are subtle, but point to possible surgical and non-surgical treatments.

While it’s unconfirmed if she actually had these procedures, they could explain her very youthful appearance at 48 years old. January maintains a healthy lifestyle and good skincare routine, but cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging treatments likely also contribute to her looks.

January’s Response

January Jones has denied getting plastic surgery over the years. In an interview with Violet Grey, January said “I haven’t had any plastic surgery…yet.” She went on to say that she tries not to judge those who get work done, saying “Whatever makes someone feel good about themselves, go forth.”

However, January has been vocal about embracing aging naturally. In an interview with The Telegraph, she commented “I’m not going to ever have a ton of plastic surgery where I don’t look like myself. But I also want to look and feel youthful for as long as I can. I eat organic and green juice, and I get lots of facials and infrared sauna treatments.” She went on to say “You can age gracefully without going the full Joan Rivers route. Those lines are a badge of honor.”

Expert Analysis

January Jones Before and After

Celebrity plastic surgeons have analyzed January Jones’ transformation over the years and offered their professional opinions on the procedures she has likely undergone.

Dr. Jason Diamond, a facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, stated that it appears Jones has had “a rhinoplasty to narrow and refine the nasal tip.” He believes she’s also had “injectable fillers to her cheeks and lips for added volume.”

According to Dr. Gregory Buford, Jones may have gotten breast implants early in her career. He stated: “It appears as if she underwent a breast augmentation to enhance her bustline.”

The experts concur that Jones has likely gotten botox and fillers like Juvederm to smooth out wrinkles and add youthful volume to her face. They also agree her skin appears smoother and tighter, suggesting she may have undergone a face lift or laser resurfacing treatment. Overall, their analysis indicates Jones has enhanced her natural beauty with a number of cosmetic procedures over the years.

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January Jones is a beautiful and talented actress who has starred in hit shows like Mad Men and films like X-Men: First Class. Over the course of her career, there has been speculation that Jones has undergone some plastic surgery procedures to maintain her youthful looks.

Based on before and after photos, it seems likely that January has had subtle work done like a nose job, breast augmentation, Botox, lip injections and possibly a facelift. The changes to her face shape, lips, breasts and lack of wrinkles as she ages seem to indicate she’s had cosmetic enhancements. However, the work has been done conservatively and January still looks natural and like herself.

These types of minimally invasive procedures have likely helped boost January’s confidence and maintain her status as a leading lady in Hollywood. As an actress in an industry that places immense pressure on looks, plastic surgery has probably allowed January to feel good about herself and continue booking high-profile roles. While January has never directly confirmed getting plastic surgery, it appears the procedures have had a positive impact on her career and self-image.

Overall, any work January has had done has been tasteful and youth-enhancing while allowing her natural beauty to shine through. She serves as an example of plastic surgery done right, with a goal of looking refreshed rather than transformed. Regardless of any nips and tucks she may have undergone, January Jones remains a gorgeous and talented star.

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