Yoona did a plastic surgery to get into the SNSD?

One of the most famous singers and actress in South Korea is no other person than I’m Yoona. As a result of her splendid performance with the Girls Generation (SNSD) group in 2007. This has made her popularity to skyrocket. It has even gotten to a stage that rumors are beginning to spread that she did plastic surgery.

From the time she became part of the Korean Girls Team, she has been featured in favorite TV shows, and she has the best selling music in the entertainment industry. She has a sonorous voice, a pretty face and a beautiful body that her fans can’t just forget easily.

Do you remember her star performance at the Korean 2018 movie titled “you are my destiny.” Well, in case you don’t; this will help you.

She had an opportunity to partake in the Korean Dramas, which she further took part in most of her hits songs such as Prime Minister and me 2013, Love Rain 2012, The K2 2016, and The King in Love – 2017, the most recent of all. This beautiful lady is not only a professional singing, acting; she also can dance very much.

As she spent more time on stage, her fans grew, and she gained a lot of recognition, and as a result; some people started noticing some changes in her face.  Her fans began to wonder if she did a breast implant, a nose modification or even an SNSD plastic surgery. Rumors even have it that she went for surgery to be part of the SNSD.

Although, these are all speculations, let’s see whether they are true or false.

Before and After Photos

Yoona Before and After

Here, it’s seen that I’m Yoona’s face and the entire body has undergone dramatic changes over the years. Hence, to know with accuracy how she has changed, let us evaluate her before and after pictures. To know what she looked like before she became a superstar.

Early Days

Yoona Young

While growing up, she picked a particular interest in singing. And she nursed the dream of being a famous singer in the future. At the age of twelve, she took part in an open casting which was sponsored by the SM entertainment in the year 2002. Although you can’t see her now, she has a lot. Perhaps, it was because of her young age, but her looks must have been transformed over the years.

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Teenage Years

Yoona Teenage

After the audition, she was selected as a part of the professional singing and dancing team. She also undertook training in acting as well. If you look at this picture carefully, you will discover that her eyes appear more prominent. But this could be due to makeup instead of concluding that it’s eyelid surgery.


Yoona 2007 - 2016 years

After going through meticulous training exercises, Yoona became a member of the popular SNSD Korean all Girl group (Girls Generation). Have you noticed some changes in her jawline an chin? You might be tempted to conclude that she went for a complete jaw reduction and even a plastic surgery that has made her chin to have a fine appearance.

Let’s take another look at the before and after photos again.

If you take a deep look at her left jaw, you will discover that it appears to have been chopped off. Take another look at the tip of her chin. Can you find a suspicious spot? This could be a sign of the plastic surgery she probably undertook before her ride into stardom of the girl’s group.


Yoona 2008 years

In the year 2008, she received two prestigious awards which were the best actress awards and the popularity awards. She received both awards during the KBS award ceremony. If you look at the pic closely here, you will see that she looks rather emotional. So let’s discuss other aspect and not just her face alone. Probably, we should talk about her shoulders and how they look so nice. Yoona is indeed a pretty, tall Korean Girl that dazzles in every piece of clothing.


Yoona 2009 - 2022 years

In 2009, she performed with the Girls Generation and the group was very popular due to her hit single. SNSD Yoona has a limp body that makes her looks so fit. So she doesn’t necessarily need a lip suction or a butt enhancement procedure at the moment.


Yoona 2010 years

At the SBS Variety event, she had an innocent look that could have resulted from the dimples on her cheeks whenever she smiles. And the little curve on her forehead looks excellent too. This could probably be the reason why some people think she went for an implant on her forehead. How about you?


Yoona 2011 years

She is putting on a beautiful strap dress here ad it might be in the SBS music festival. At 21, she already had a stunning figure with lovely collarbones and nice neck just like you can see here.


Yoona 2012 years

Let’s focus on Yoona’s pretty cheeks and forget about the possibility of her undergoing a breast suction. But on a closer look, you will discover that the bones around her cheeks now look fuller and more round than before.

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Let’s confirm this with last years photo.

It’s now obvious. In her last year’s photo, her chin looks rather flat, but it now looks plump. Could it be that she has used Botox treatment or even placing an implant in between her cheeks?


Yoona 2013 years

Let’s not concentrate so much on her face; if it’s true that she did plastic surgery, then the doctor must have done a great job.


Yoona 2014 years

Here, she poses for a photo at the Cartier’s recent diamond collection. Even as this stage, we still can’t verify with certainty that she has undergone plastic surgery. Hence, we can conclude that the that the claim is baseless.


Yoona 2016 years

Just like the remark passed by Doctor Jonathan regarding the upper body of Selena Gomez, who is a superstar. Her surgical implants are really visible because her boobs are gradually rising to her chest level, which is quite abnormal.


Yoona 2017 years

When SNSD Yoona turned 27, she had become a full grown woman. And she still looks pretty in all aspects. At this point, she met her friends from Taiwan as she laughs while flaunting her pretty teeth. Till now, there is no sure sign that she did a lip implant, so we will forget it.

Present Time

Yoona 2023 years

As we can see in this photo, Yoona remains a beautiful woman and has not aged much from an early age. Let’s wish her success in her personal and professional life and may she remain just as beautiful and cheerful in the future.

Debunking the Myths: Expert Opinions

To gain a more comprehensive understanding, we consulted with reputable plastic surgeons and experts in the field to shed light on Yoona’s alleged plastic surgery.

The Insights of Dr. Kim

Dr. Joo-Won Kim, a renowned plastic surgeon, shares his professional opinion on Yoona’s transformation. According to Dr. Kim, while there may be subtle differences in Yoona’s appearance, they can be attributed to natural changes and makeup techniques rather than extensive surgical procedures. Dr. Kim emphasizes the importance of considering other factors before jumping to conclusions.

The Makeup Artist’s Perspective

We also spoke with a prominent makeup artist, Ms. Lee, who has worked with Yoona on various projects. Ms. Lee highlighted the significance of makeup techniques in achieving Yoona’s desired look. She explained the meticulous process of contouring, highlighting, and using specific products to enhance Yoona’s facial features, giving her a more chiseled appearance. Ms. Lee reiterated that the visual transformations are primarily due to makeup artistry.

Yoona’s Perspective: The Missing Piece

While examining the allegations and seeking expert opinions is crucial, it is essential to consider Yoona’s perspective on the matter. However, Yoona has remained relatively silent regarding the plastic surgery speculations. Instead of participating in debates over her appearance in the media, she has decided to concentrate on her job. Without a direct statement from Yoona herself, it becomes challenging to provide a complete disclosure of the topic.

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The Cultural Context of Plastic Surgery in South Korea

It is crucial to investigate the cultural background surrounding beauty standards and societal expectations in order to properly comprehend the phenomena of plastic surgery in South Korea and its effects on celebrities. South Korea has a unique beauty culture that places a significant emphasis on physical appearance. Plastic surgery has become increasingly normalized, with many individuals opting for cosmetic procedures to enhance their features. This cultural backdrop sheds light on the pressures faced by celebrities like Yoona to conform to certain beauty ideals.

The Importance of Informed Decisions

Although having plastic surgery may be a personal decision, it is critical to stress the value of doing your research. Any surgical procedure comes with risks and potential complications. It is essential for individuals to thoroughly research and consult with qualified professionals before considering any cosmetic enhancements. Conforming to social beauty standards should never take precedent over self-acceptance and wellbeing.

More Info About Yoona

Yoona Biography

Information Details
Birth Name I’m Yoon-ah
Net Worth 20 Million Dollars
Relationship Status Single
Date of Birth 30th May 1990
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity Korean
Occupation Model, MC, Actress, Singer, Rapper, Dancer
Place of Birth Southern Korea
Bra Size 32B
Children Nil
Height 5’6″ or 1.68m
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement Not Known
Weight 104 lbs or 47 kg
Real Hair Color Black


Q: Has Yoona ever addressed the plastic surgery rumors?

  • A: Yoona has remained relatively silent regarding the plastic surgery speculations. Instead of participating in debates over her appearance in the media, she has decided to concentrate on her job.

Q: Are there any credible sources supporting the plastic surgery claims?

  • A: While numerous claims and rumors circulate on the internet, credible sources and official statements supporting Yoona’s plastic surgery claims are scarce. The majority of the material is supported by the author’s own observations and conjecture.


From the above findings, there are little or no signs to prove that  I’m Yoona Ah undergone plastic surgery. Even though she doesn’t accept the allegations, the best we can do is to provide a few evidence for the readers to judge. Some of the few signs of plastic surgery we noticed were the changes in her cheekbones, jaws, cup size and chin.

Although they are few changes, they are still the most difficult spots for plastic surgeons. So if our findings were true, then the surgeon that did the job deserves an applaud.

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