Did Anna Kendrick Get Plastic Surgery?

Anna Kendrick is an American actress known for her roles in films like Twilight, Pitch Perfect, and Up in the Air [1]. She got her start as a child actor on Broadway, earning a Tony Award nomination at age 12 for her performance in High Society. Her breakthrough role came when she starred as Jessica Stanley in the Twilight film series.

She went on to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Up in the Air opposite George Clooney. Kendrick has since starred in various films like 50/50, End of Watch, Pitch Perfect, and Into the Woods. She is considered one of the most versatile young actresses in Hollywood [2].

Rumors of Nose Job

Anna Kendrick Nose Job

Speculation that Anna Kendrick had a nose job began around 2010 when fans noticed subtle differences in the appearance of her nose. Her nose appeared slimmer and more refined with a narrowed bridge and slightly upturned tip. The changes were not drastic but photographs from early in her career compared to 2010 showed a noticeable transformation.

While noses can change somewhat naturally over time, especially in the late teens and early twenties, the speculation was that Kendrick had undergone rhinoplasty or a surgical nose job to alter the shape of her nose. The refined nose shape photographed in 2010 has remained consistent in recent years, further fueling rumors that she had cosmetic surgery on her nose.

However, Kendrick herself has not confirmed undergoing any procedure. The truth behind her nose transformation remains uncertain, and only Kendrick can confirm or deny rhinoplasty or any other cosmetic procedures.

Before and After Photos

Anna Kendrick Before and After

Anna Kendrick has transformed over her career from a young actress to a Hollywood star. Fans have pointed to apparent changes in her appearance, especially in her nose, as evidence that she may have gotten plastic surgery. Comparing photos of Kendrick over the years, some subtle differences can be seen that have fueled rumors she may have gotten a nose job.

In her early career, Kendrick had a rounder, wider nose. As she has gotten older, her nose appears thinner and more refined with a narrower bridge and sharpened tip. The change is not dramatic, leading many to speculate she may have gotten a subtle or non-surgical nose job to reshape her nose versus a full rhinoplasty procedure.

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Fans also notice her nose looks slimmer at certain angles in photos, fueling rumors of fillers or non-surgical treatments. While Kendrick has not confirmed any nose procedures, comparing before and after photos shows noticeable slimming of her nose over time.

Expert Analysis

Anna Kendrick Plastic Surgery

Expert plastic surgeons have weighed in on rumors of Anna Kendrick’s cosmetic procedures. Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, analyzed photos of Kendrick and noted some subtle changes that indicate possible procedures.

“It appears she may have undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to slim and refine the shape of her nose,” Dr. Rowe commented. “The bridge of her nose looks thinner and the tip appears more demarcated.” He added that the changes are very natural-looking and have enhanced her facial harmony.

Additionally, Dr. John Layke, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, told a tabloid magazine that Kendrick “definitely appears to have gotten a rhinoplasty to thin out her nose.” However, he stressed that any procedures have been done with restraint to “maintain the essence of her natural beauty.”

Overall, experts seem to agree Kendrick has likely gotten a nose job, though the work was carefully done to avoid drastic alterations to her appearance. Her nose changes are subtle and do not seem to detract from her natural facial features.

Kendrick’s Response

Anna Kendrick has not directly addressed the plastic surgery rumors publicly. However, in various interviews she has emphasized feeling comfortable in her own skin and not giving in to Hollywood pressure to change her looks.

In this interview with The Telegraph, Kendrick said “I’ve been lucky because I’ve never had anybody tell me I need to be sexier or more fashionable”. She went on to say “I don’t have a 12-year-old’s body anymore and I’m fine with that.” This suggests she is not interested in drastic procedures to alter her natural appearance.

Kendrick’s comfortable attitude towards aging gracefully also came across in an interview with Lifestyle Mirror. She said “growing older is a wonderful thing” and that she strives for “balance, being healthy and not torturing yourself.” Though not a direct denial, this perspective hints that Kendrick has likely not undergone major cosmetic surgeries.

While Kendrick has not directly addressed the rumors, her commentary promotes self-acceptance and resisting societal pressures. This makes it unlikely that she has dramatically altered her look through surgical means. She seems to prefer natural beauty.

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Other Rumored Procedures

While a nose job has been the most talked about plastic surgery rumor for Kendrick, there has been some speculation about other procedures as well. According to Clinic Mono, some believe Kendrick may have also gotten botox injections and fillers like restylane or juvederm to smooth out fine lines and plump up parts of the face. The article points out that Kendrick’s forehead is extremely smooth, which could be a sign of botox use.

Her cheeks also appear slightly fuller in more recent photos, sparking rumors of possible filler injections. However, these types of temporary, minor procedures are common in Hollywood and do not necessarily indicate major plastic surgery. As Kendrick has gotten older, some minor procedures like botox or fillers could help maintain a youthful appearance on camera. But there is no definitive proof she has actually undergone these treatments.

Kendrick’s Natural Beauty

Anna Kendrick Transformation

Anna Kendrick has not confirmed undergoing any cosmetic procedures, and attributes changes in her appearance to natural aging. In interviews, Kendrick has stated she is not opposed to plastic surgery, but wants to age gracefully without relying on injectables or surgery. She believes cosmetic enhancements should be a personal choice, and does not want to send the message that changing your appearance is necessary for success in Hollywood.

Kendrick embraces natural beauty, and credits good genetics for her youthful appearance later in her career. She has stated: “I’m lucky to have good genes so even without surgery can maintain smoother skin.” Her natural glow and reluctance to artificially alter her looks has won praise from fans. Kendrick takes a holistic approach to wellness through healthy diet, fitness, and self-care. She aims to age gracefully without drastic procedures.

Impact on her Career

The rumored plastic surgery procedures do not seem to have negatively impacted Anna Kendrick’s successful career in Hollywood. If anything, the subtle enhancements to her nose and other facial features may have actually helped boost her image and secure leading roles.

According to several sources, Kendrick’s more refined look from the alleged procedures aligned well with the glamorous movie star aesthetic expected for major actresses. Her talent clearly shines through, but the rumored tweaks gave her facial features a symmetry and elegance befitting a leading lady.

While relying too much on cosmetic procedures can backfire in Hollywood, Kendrick has struck a balance by maintaining her natural beauty while allegedly getting minor touch-ups. This allowed her to conform just enough to industry pressures for aesthetic perfection, while still coming across as authentic on-screen.

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Ultimately, the subtle and tasteful enhancements that Kendrick is rumored to have obtained seem to have complemented her skill as an actress, rather than overshadowing it. She continues landing starring roles and earning critical acclaim, suggesting the reputed procedures have not disrupted her impressive trajectory if they did in fact occur.

Advice for Readers

Many consider getting plastic surgery like a nose job but it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are risks and potential side effects to consider before undergoing any cosmetic procedure (Mayo Clinic). While a nose job can help improve breathing or change the shape of your nose, it requires recovery time and won’t necessarily address any underlying self-esteem issues (UT Southwestern).

Instead of rushing into plastic surgery, give yourself time to think it through. Consider trying non-surgical options first like contouring makeup or talking to a therapist. Focus on inner beauty and self-confidence. While procedures can provide aesthetic benefits, your natural beauty still shines through. Carefully weigh the risks versus rewards for any cosmetic surgery. Ultimately, it’s a personal choice but don’t let outside pressure make the decision for you.


After reviewing the evidence, it seems clear that Anna Kendrick has not actually undergone any major plastic surgery procedures, despite rumors circulating online. While some minor tweaks can’t be ruled out, Kendrick maintains a naturally beautiful appearance that requires little enhancement.

Overall, the slight changes visible in photos over the years appear consistent with normal aging in a woman in her 30s, not surgical alteration. Weight fluctuations and makeup differences probably account for much of what plastic surgery speculators have pointed to as signs of cosmetic procedures.

Kendrick herself has asserted that she finds these rumors amusing rather than upsetting. She seems comfortable with herself and isn’t afraid to appear real and relatable to fans.

For readers, the key takeaways are: don’t believe every plastic surgery allegation you read online, allow celebrities their privacy, and focus on your own natural inner and outer beauty. Confidence and self-care will take you farther than cosmetic procedures. Kendrick sets a positive example as someone who embraces her look with minimal interventions.

While the gossip will likely continue, Kendrick remains one of the most natural beauties in Hollywood. Her talent and charm shine through over her appearance.

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