The Exposition of Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery?

It seems impossible to ignore Blac Chyna’s big breast and giant booty when on sight. But sometimes it will seem like is “Not Many People that Will Argue.” yet her possible plastic surgery body structure draws the attention of many people.

The people that are Currently following Blac Chena on Instagram are more than 17 million, but the funny part of it all is that most of them do not know how hard she had worked to make her famousness a reality.

During Chyna’s University period at Johnson and Wales University in Miami, she paid her school fees through her work as a stripper. She later focused on stripping and modeling after dropping out of school due to exhaustion.

We can say that Chyna could have had breast surgery and butt enhancement while she was still working in the Miami club. Her exotic body attracted many people who rapidly made her famous to the extent of Drank mentioning her name in his song titled “Miss Me.” Blac Chyna’s big boobs and large buttock also made her two times monstrous than Nicki Minaj in the music video.

Though we do not so surprise because she naturally looks like Nicki Minaj.

Hence, it made to as if Chyna may have had any plastic surgery, how many is it? We can give you 100% assurance that her buttock and breast are fake, but what could have been the real fact about her nose, eyelids, lips and other parts of her body?

Here also, we may still expose the fact that it looks like her closely.

Before & After Photographs Of Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna Before and After

For us to find out the fact behind whether she had done any cosmetic surgery procedures, we have to give proper analysis on Blac Chyna’s before and after pictures earlier than she became famous. Thus, below are out findings.

Does Chyna had A Nose Job

Blac Chyna Nose

Anyone who looked at Blac Chyna’s before photograph, at her teenage age would notice that her nose bridge was visibly wide. When compared to Blac Chyna’s before photography, you will also find out that the tip of her nose was rounder.

From this comparison, it could be inferred that she might have had a rhinoplasty to change the shape of her nose and make it thinner and as well pointy.

Did Chyna Seems To Have Had Boob Job

Blac Chyna Breast

From Blac Chyna’s before photography, you can identify that her cleavage is used to be natural and soft looking. Her breast was broadened to the extent that you can see some vein on its sides. Thus, indicating to us that she may have had boob augmentation and other implant on her chest.

What Of Chyna’s Bum Implants?

Blac Chyna Bum

Though black women can have large bums as we can see, in a situation whereby it becomes obvious huge and heavy that it no longer looks natural, bum implants easily call to the mind.

We are not trying to that Blac Chyna got that or are we?

After all, Chyna has enough fatty body do Brazilian butt lift if had wanted to do so. It only entails fate removal by the use liposuction quite before injecting back the collected fat in her butt.

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After all, this might not be implanted on her butt, but what so ever it is; whether fake or real, we believe strongly that we can not be a reason that will make to stop. Even though several men like it; you ask Tyga and Rob!

Did Blac Chyna Have Any Lip Injections?

Blac Chyna Lip

As a black American woman, it is naturally clear that she will have thick lips. Due to the kind of lipstick that Chyna often used to apply which makes her lips to look plump has caused people to mistake it for lip inkections. However, we dismissed those claims after we look a glimpse of Blac Chyna’s before photo.

Therefore, we doubt the fact that she has had any lip filters.

Did Blac Chyna Had A Reduction On Her Forehead

Blac Chyna Forehead

It can easily be said that Chyna’s forehead has attracted the attention of many people over the years. The appearance of a slight reduction in the size of Chyna’s forehead made people think that she has had forehead reductions. But we, however, think that these claims are not true when we carefully did a review of Blac Chyna’s before and after photography.

Instead, we attributed the misconception to her hairline.

What Is The Secret Behind Chyna’s Hairline Regrow?

Just like every other woman, Chyna experienced hair loss at some stages of her life. It is very likely that Chyna must have had a hair transplant surgery to fill up some hair loss on her head as we can see in Blac Chyna’s before and after photo. We can quickly confirm this on Blac Chyna’s after photography above which she has a full hair.

Transformation In Chyna’s Beauty

We would like to know in details, how Blac Chyna’s body have changed over the years; her hair and all other features of her face such as eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, teeth, chin, etc.

Chyna’s Youth Days

Blac Chyna Younger

This photograph above portrays Blac Chyna’s before surgery (if true), during her childhood years when she was just a mere natural child. We can not identify whether is her mother, sister or friend that was the lady behind her, but all we can infer is that she has a whiter skin color than them. Thus, thinking that she had a skin whitening enhancement needs to be rethought.

Chyna In Her Teenage Years

Blac Chyna Teenage Years

This is another photograph of Blac Chyna’s before surgery, in her teenage years. Then, it looks unlikely to see her applies makeups as we can see that it does not even stop her from looking fashionable. She also has a dimple piercing on her cheeks and looks trendier than what most of her age mates can accept. After all, you are punching two holes in your face.

Blac Chyna’s Early Adulthood

Blac Chyna 18 years

We can say that Angela White, popularity known as Blac Chyna was turned at 18 years old, in her early adulthood which made it seems like she had worked as a hairstylist before she became famous. Here in her beautiful pose in a salon. Chyna already has a busty chest which makes us ask if her large cup size was a natural gift or that Blac Chyna had a boob surgery at her early age?

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Chyna In 2010

Blac Chyna 2010 years

Chyna’s modeling career started in 2010 when she appeared in the front cover of Dime Piece magazine even though she has been in the business since 2008. Here Chyna was at the Def Jam Rapster in Miami.

Even though she dances (pole), it obvious that she can sing or as well.

Chyna In 2011

Blac Chyna 2011 years

Blac Chyna and Tyga started dating in 2011. Her dress in a short blue-grey gown shows off a large tattoo on her leg and her skinny body then, which is quite different from what we see now.

Chyna In 2012

Blac Chyna 2012 years

The American model attends the DGK Parental Advisory Premiere and Concert at the Avalon in Hollywood, California in the above picture. Therefore, people called her “Baby Mam” because of her cute and hot looking.

This has been her even before she gave birth to a son for Tyga. Her beautiful eye lashes and lip gloss can testify to that. This will amaze if it is Chyna’s real hair or a wig, considering the fact that she has had hair loss in the past.

Chyna In 2013

Blac Chyna 2013 years

We know that Chyna actually became fat after she gave birth to her child. But what we are confused about is how quickly her tummy and hips became tight. However, it could be that she worked her ass off, or maybe she got a tummy tuck or if I may ask for any other ideas.

Even though all those weight losses can be said to be a pure B.S. But if you have wondered how comes she lost such weight and where those fats have gone; have you got to know or heard about buttock lift? Just like surgery, if you, are about to lose weight, is it going to come out of your whole body? Like from your thighs, face, buttock, arms, legs or every other part of the body.

This is because it is impossible for you to order those butt fats to stay back unlike the others.

Chyna In 2014

Blac Chyna 2014 years

Toward the end of 2013, she launched an online boutique store, 88fin along with our attire. Chyna also bought a very nice looking bar and made her own eyelashes brand known as LASHED, and in 2014, she started teaching makeup lessons.

Though, one could wonder where she got all those even after her breakup with Tyga.

Chyna In 2015

Blac Chyna 2015 years

We admire this Chyna’s regular makeup. We also doubt the fact that she will still need dental enhancements like braces or veneers because of her sweet looking, straight and while teeth.

At 27-year-old, Chyna developed no signs of oldness like wrinkles or spots, even though she hides her forehead with hair wig which might not be her natural hair. This makes it look like she will no longer need face filters or botox at the moment.

Chyna In 2016

Blac Chyna 2016 years

Even though Chyna had a hook up back then in 2015 with some celebrities such as pilot Jones, Leon Love, Johnny Winn, Future, Chyna and Amber Rose (her best friend), she only managed to have an emotional connection with Rob Kardashian.

Here in the photograph, Chyna can be seen shopping while she was pregnant for Rob Kardashian. And we can also see that she did not put on any makeup, not even eyelashes.

Chyna In 2017

Blac Chyna 2017 years

Black Chyna attended the BET Hip Hop Awards at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami Beach, Florida even though 2017 was not better for her. That is because of her breakup with Rob and many other revenge dramas between them which include photo leaks and Rob’s Online exposure of Blac Chyna’s plastic surgery claims. He claimed that Blac Chyna’s surgery involves post-baby liposuction, tummy tuck and maybe more.

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However, her life story is like an entertainment show which can make you have a need for a cup of coffee to enable you to wait for the next surprises. That not withstanding, does not after her constant glamorous looks. After all her choice of cosmetics is a perfect one for her.

Chyna In 2018

Blac Chyna 2018 years

For any who would like to see Blac Chyna, we can say that this photograph is a perfect one that. This Chyna’s picture that shows her putting on short grey, while hair unusual “royal” vintage look, is a recent picture she posted on her Instagram account. We can say that she looks quite elegant without any signs cosmetic work jawline, cheekbones or chin.

Chyna In Present Time

Blac Chyna 2023 years

In the last photo in our article, you can see what it looks like now. She looks young and beautiful, so we can only rejoice for her and wish that in the future she will remain as beautiful as ever.

A Detailed Biography Of Blac Chyna

Angela Renée White popular known as Blac Chyna was born on the 11th of May. 1988 in Washington D.C., United States of America. Her star sign is Taurus. She works as a Model, Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur, Personal Stylist with a net worth of $5 Million. Blac is a of African-America origin and has dating.

Children: Dream Renée Kardashian (daughter), King Cairo Stevenson (son).

Blac Chyna’s height is 1.57 m (5 ft 2 in) and weighs 60 kg (132 lbs) with a body measurement of 36-27-41 inches. Her bra size 32D and a dress size of 10 (US), while her shoe size in 8 (US). Blac Chyna’s hair and eye colors are black and dark brown. She also has social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.


Q: What cosmetic procedures has Blac Chyna undergone?

  • A: Blac Chyna has chosen to keep the specifics of her cosmetic procedures private. While there have been speculations, the exact treatments she has undergone remain undisclosed.

Q: Are the plastic surgery rumors surrounding Blac Chyna true?

  • A: Plastic surgery rumors surrounding Blac Chyna are a subject of speculation and conjecture. Without verified information from reliable sources or statements from Blac Chyna herself, it is challenging to determine the accuracy of these rumors.


After we have reviewed Blac Chyna’s before and after photography, we got to know that this classic model is more than just a meaningful look. Even though Blac Chyna’s plastic surgery claims might be real but all we know is her body assets must have attracted several attentions for which might be the possible reason that made her popular today.

Some clues must have suggested the Blac might have had a boob job which is behind the reason that her is constantly raised. It can also be possible that she might have had other augmentations like butt implants, nose job, and hairline transplant.

We have got to know that nothing has been done to the forehead, not even brow lift. Because she is still in her early 30s, she will take time for her to still think of undergoing any other surgery like face-lift or neck lift.

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