Has Tom Hanks Had Plastic Surgery?

Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved and well-known actors in Hollywood. He first gained fame in the 1980s for his comedic roles in films like Splash and Big. Later, he transitioned into dramatic roles and became an Oscar-winning actor for his performances in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump [1]. Throughout his 40+ year career, Hanks has starred in many box office hits and critically acclaimed films. He is admired by fans and peers alike for his charming “everyman” persona both on and off screen.

Despite his wholesome image, Hanks has not been immune to rumors about plastic surgery over the years. As an A-list actor in the spotlight, his looks have been scrutinized and speculation has mounted that he may have had some cosmetic work done. Some have wondered if Hanks has undergone procedures like a facelift, eyelid surgery, or a nose job to maintain his youthful appearance as he has aged.

Rumors of Facelift

Tom Hanks Facelift

Rumors of Tom Hanks having facelift surgery started circulating in the 2010s. Fans began noticing subtle changes to Hanks’ face, speculating he had work done like a facelift or skin tightening procedures. The shape of his face looked slightly different and tighter based on before and after photos. His skin also looked smoother and more youthful for a man in his 50s and 60s.

Experts like celebrity plastic surgeons have analyzed photos of Hanks and note signs of possible facelift procedures to lift sagging skin and reduce wrinkles and lines. While facelift scars are hidden, the resulting look is a tighter jawline and smoother facial skin. However, any procedures have been subtle and natural-looking.

Eyelid Surgery Speculation

Tom Hanks Eyelid

Over the years, some photos have shown changes to Tom Hanks’ eyes that have sparked speculation about possible eyelid surgery. In before and after photos, his upper eyelids appear more open, reducing signs of sagging or drooping skin. This can be achieved through blepharoplasty, which removes excess skin and fat from the eyelids.

Some cosmetic surgery experts believe Tom may have undergone this procedure. Dr. Anthony Youn commented to Radar Online that his eyes “appear more wide open now” and that it “could be either due to Botox injections to the eyelids or even surgical blepharoplasty.” However, this is only speculation, as Tom has not confirmed any eyelid procedures.

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The results, if any, are quite subtle. Tom still looks natural, just refreshed around the eyes. Any eyelid surgery would likely have been a minimal lift to counteract aging. Overall, the changes seem in line with typical Hollywood maintenance and upkeep over time.

Nose Job Rumors

Tom Hanks Nose Job

There has been speculation that Tom Hanks may have gotten a nose job (rhinoplasty) sometime earlier in his career. When comparing before and after photos, some subtle differences in the shape of his nose can be seen. His nose appears slightly thinner and the tip looks more refined in more recent photos.

However, leading plastic surgeons who have analyzed Hanks’ transformation over the years say the changes to his nose are minimal and within the range of natural aging. Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, stated: “Tom Hanks has aged incredibly well. His nose does show some signs of changes, but it is extremely subtle from what I can see. At most, he may have had a non-surgical rhinoplasty using fillers to smooth out bumps and refine the shape.”

While a subtle nose job is possible, the consensus among experts seems to be that Tom Hanks has aged naturally without any major cosmetic enhancements to his nose. The small changes are consistent with the effects of aging over decades in the limelight.

Skin Treatments

Tom Hanks Skin Treatments

Tom Hanks is often praised for his youthful, glowing skin at 65 years old. Some speculate that he may use professional skin treatments to maintain his complexion. As we age, skin can lose elasticity and collagen, leading to a rougher texture and uneven pigmentation.

Experts note Hanks’ smooth, line-free skin and speculate he may use treatments like dermaplaning. Dermaplaning is a skin treatment where a specialist uses a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz. This can result in brighter, tighter looking skin by revealing newer skin underneath. Chemical peels and laser treatments are also possibilities for reducing the appearance of fine lines and evening out skin tone.

However, Tom has not confirmed using any specific skin procedures. His glowing complexion at 65 may also be aided by genetics, diet, and using high quality skincare products.

Hair Transplant

Tom Hanks Hair Transplant

Tom Hanks has been open about his receding hairline early in his career. As an actor, maintaining a full head of hair is important for certain roles. It’s speculated that Hanks has undergone multiple hair transplant procedures over the years to restore his hairline and fullness on top. Hair transplants take hair follicles from the back and sides of the head, which are resistant to balding, and transplant them to thinning or balding areas.

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When done properly by an experienced surgeon, hair transplants can realistically restore hair in a natural looking way. The gradual improvement in Tom Hanks’ hair over the years points to careful transplants designed to create subtle fullness rather than a sudden dense look. His result demonstrates how, when done right, hair transplants can help restore confidence for men dealing with premature hair loss.

Tom’s Response

Tom Hanks has not been shy about addressing the rumors and speculation around whether he has had plastic surgery. In a 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hanks stated “I have never had any plastic surgery of any kind”.

Hanks went on to explain his general attitude toward cosmetic procedures, saying “I think that would really piss me off if someone faked me with something like that”. The actor has made it clear that while he understands many celebrities undergo cosmetic surgeries, it is not something he has ever been interested in pursuing for himself.

Overall, Tom Hanks has denied getting any kind of plastic surgery and has voiced skepticism about the idea of using artificial intelligence to mimic his likeness. He seems comfortable with the natural aging process and not concerned with chasing a more youthful appearance through medical procedures.

Expert Analysis

Plastic surgery experts have weighed in on whether Tom Hanks has undergone cosmetic procedures over the years. Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, analyzed photos of Hanks and believed he may have had a facelift, eyelid surgery, and skin treatments like laser resurfacing or chemical peels. However, the changes are subtle as Hanks likely opted for a natural, refreshed look rather than major transformations.

Dr. Norman Rowe, another board-certified plastic surgeon, agreed Hanks’ smoother forehead and tighter jawline indicate a facelift. He also suspects possible fillers in the cheeks and non-surgical skin tightening treatments. Over time, Hanks’ wrinkles have softened and his complexion appears more even. This gradual evolution points to non-invasive procedures versus dramatic surgical enhancements.

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Overall, experts conclude Tom Hanks has likely had some plastic surgery like a facelift and eyelid lift. However, the work is modest and intended to turn back the clock versus alter his appearance significantly. Hanks seems to prefer a natural, well-rested version of himself versus erasing all signs of aging.

Public Perception

Tom Hanks has remained one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors for decades. However, some fans have expressed dismay at his noticeably different appearance in recent years, speculating about possible plastic surgery procedures.

While Hanks has not directly addressed or confirmed undergoing any cosmetic treatments, his transformed looks have sparked rumors and debates on social media. Some fans feel disappointed that their favorite down-to-earth actor would alter his appearance. Others defend Hanks’ right to privacy regarding any potential procedures.

Overall, Hanks’ immense talent and charisma have maintained his popularity over the years. Though his changing looks have drawn scrutiny, most fans continue appreciating his acclaimed performances. As an industry veteran, Hanks has likely grown accustomed to public obsession over celebrity appearances. Ultimately his skills as an actor remain his greatest appeal rather than reliance on looks alone.


Based on a careful analysis of before and after photos, expert opinions, and Tom’s own comments, the evidence suggests Tom Hanks has likely undergone some mild cosmetic procedures over the years, including a brow lift, eyelid surgery, and skin treatments like Botox or fillers. However, more dramatic procedures like a facelift or nose job seem unlikely. While Tom’s appearance has evolved, the changes have been gradual and he has retained his natural essence.

These minor procedures have likely helped Tom maintain his youthful energy and continue taking on diverse leading roles well into his 60s. However, they have not drastically altered his image or affected his widespread popularity and critical acclaim. Tom’s incredible talent, charisma, and likability remain at the core of his decades-long success.

At the end of the day, Tom Hanks’ legacy rests more on the characters he has brought to life and his contributions to cinema than any cosmetic enhancements. Tom will be remembered as one of Hollywood’s most beloved and respected actors.

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