Did Dianna Agron Get Plastic Surgery?

Dianna Agron is an American actress who got her start on the TV series Heroes (Wikipedia). She gained mainstream fame playing Quinn Fabray on the hit musical show Glee (IMDb). Agron has also appeared in films such as I Am Number Four, The Family, Zipper, and Novitiate.

She has over 2 million followers on Instagram (Instagram), where she frequently posts photos from her acting and modeling work. With her girl-next-door good looks, Agron has been the subject of much plastic surgery speculation over the years. This article will analyze the changes in Agron’s appearance and examine the rumors of what plastic surgery procedures she may have had done.

Rumors of Nose Job

Dianna Agron Nose Job

Rumors of Dianna Agron getting plastic surgery on her nose began circulating in 2011 when fans noticed subtle differences in the appearance of her nose before and after she became famous on Glee. Some speculated she had undergone rhinoplasty to slim and refine the tip of her nose. Before and after photos circulating online showed the bridge looking thinner and the tip appearing more slender and defined.

The actress addressed these rumors directly in an interview, admitting she had two nose jobs, but for medical reasons rather than cosmetic. She stated: “I got punched in the nose twice. Noses breaks are common with cheerleaders.’ Agron explained she had surgery to fix a deviated septum from these injuries. While her nose may look slightly different after the procedures, it seems the nose jobs were done primarily for functional purposes rather than solely altering her appearance.

Eyelid Surgery Speculation

Dianna Agron Eyelid

There has been speculation that Dianna Agron may have undergone eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. Fans have analyzed photos of the actress over the years and noticed changes in the appearance of her eyes.

Specifically, some have pointed out that her eyelids look more open in recent years compared to early in her career. The inner corners of her eyes also appear to turn up slightly more. These changes have led to rumors that she may have had a surgical procedure to create more open, almond-shaped eyes.

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Eyelid surgery can involve making small incisions along the natural creases of the upper and lower eyelids to remove excess fat, skin and muscle. This can help correct droopy eyelids or give the eyes a more refreshed, youthful look.

Of course, without confirmation from Agron herself, the eyelid surgery claims remain speculative. Factors like makeup, lighting, or simply aging could also account for subtle changes in her eye appearance over time. But the rumors persist based on analyzing before-and-after photos of the actress.

Lip Injection Talk

Dianna Agron Lip Injection

Over the years, Dianna Agron’s lips appear noticeably fuller compared to earlier in her career. Some speculate she may have had lip injections like other Hollywood actresses. There’s definitely a difference visible in her before and after photos. Agron’s lips look plumper and more enhanced now. The change is subtle but noticeable when comparing older and newer images side-by-side.

Her lips have a smoother, defined shape with a hint more volume. While it’s not a drastic overnight transformation, it does seem Agron may have utilized temporary or permanent lip fillers over time. Her lips contour her face differently and have a fuller appearance. Some professionals believe an injectable lip augmentation product was likely used. However, Agron herself has not confirmed undergoing any cosmetic procedures.

Skin Improvements

Dianna Agron Skin

Agron’s skin has noticeably improved over the years. Some speculate she may have had dermatological procedures like laser treatments or chemical peels to achieve her smooth, bright complexion. In a 2015 interview with Teen Vogue, Agron mentioned using Japanese skincare products to maintain a youthful glow despite nearing 30.

However, she has not admitted to any cosmetic procedures for her skin. The actress credits her healthy complexion to diligent skincare and staying out of the sun.

Breast Augmentation Rumors

There has been speculation that Dianna Agron has gotten breast augmentation surgery over the years. Some observers have noted that her breast size appears to have increased since her early days on Glee.

Photos from the first few seasons of Glee show Agron with a petite frame and modest bust size. However, more recent red carpet appearances reveal a curvier shape with fuller cleavage. While some of the change could be attributed to weight gain, the difference seems significant enough to suggest possible surgical enhancement.

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Closer inspection of before and after images shows her breasts looking rounder and higher on her chest than previously. This is a common result of breast implants. The shape and position signal an augmentation rather than purely natural growth over time.

Of course, Agron herself has not confirmed going under the knife for a boob job. Like most celebrities, she prefers to keep those details private. But the visible difference in her bust line has fueled rumors that she has enhanced her assets surgically at some point. Fans continue to speculate on whether she opted for saline or silicone implants to boost her bra size.

Weight Loss Journey

Agron has maintained a slim figure throughout her career. Some speculate she achieved her fit physique through plastic surgery, but Agron credits diet and exercise. She follows a vegan diet and does Pilates regularly. Agron also practices Bikram yoga and has called it her “saving grace”. She completes circuit training workouts at the gym focusing on strength exercises like squats and lunges.

Her fitness regimen keeps her looking toned and youthful.

Her Response to Rumors

Dianna Agron Plastic Surgery

In 2011, Dianna Agron openly admitted to having a nose job during an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. When asked about getting plastic surgery, Agron responded “Yes, I had my nose done when I was younger.” She stated that it helped with her breathing and that she was “grateful for it.”

Agron has been candid about getting a nose job but has not directly addressed other plastic surgery rumors surrounding her. She seems comfortable openly discussing her rhinoplasty procedure but has preferred not to comment on speculation about other cosmetic enhancements.

Expert Analysis

Plastic surgeons have weighed in on the changes in Dianna’s appearance, providing their professional opinion on what procedures she may have had done. Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York, analyzed her transformation and stated “It appears that she has had a surgical rhinoplasty as the bridge of her nose is narrower and the tip and nostrils are smaller and more refined. The hump has been removed and her nose straightened.” He believes she has achieved “a very natural nasal enhancement”.

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Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan-based plastic surgeon, also sees signs that “Dianna Agron has clearly had a rhinoplasty to narrow her nasal bones and refine her nasal tip” based on before and after photos. He says “her nose now has a smooth, scooped out appearance consistent with having had surgery”.

Overall, experts in plastic surgery agree that Dianna has likely undergone a rhinoplasty procedure to alter the shape of her nose in subtle ways, reducing its size and smoothing out any bumps or irregularities. Her refreshed look is attributed to skilled surgical enhancement of her natural features.


Based on a review of before and after photos, there is evidence that Dianna Agron has likely undergone some cosmetic procedures over the years.

Her nose appears thinner and more refined in recent photos, suggesting she may have had a rhinoplasty or nose job early in her career. The difference in her nose shape and size between her early Glee days and now is quite noticeable.

Agron’s eyes also appear more open, with less hooding of the upper eyelids. This indicates possible blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery to create a more youthful, rested appearance.

The actress’ lips look fuller compared to early in her career, leading to speculation about lip injections like Juvederm or Restylane to add volume. Her lips have a plumper, more defined shape lately.

In addition to surgical procedures, Agron’s skin appears smoother and more radiant, which is likely the result of laser treatments and other skincare procedures. Her complexion is brighter and more even-toned compared to her early days on the red carpet.

While Agron has never confirmed going under the knife, the changes in her facial features point to a few tweaks and enhancements over the years. Subtle procedures like a nose job and eyelid lift have given the actress a refreshed, elegant look as she has matured in the public eye.

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