Did Jeri Ryan Get Plastic Surgery?

Jeri Ryan is an American actress best known for her roles as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager and as Ronnie Cooke on the soap opera Dark Shadows (IMDB). She began her career as a beauty pageant contestant, winning Miss Illinois in 1989. In the 1990s, Ryan pursued acting and landed several guest starring television roles before her breakthrough as a series regular on Star Trek: Voyager.

Ryan quickly became popular on the show and a sex symbol, leading to rumors and speculation around whether she had undergone plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. As an actress in the public eye, interest around Jeri Ryan’s appearance and whether she has had cosmetic surgery persists decades later. Evaluating the changes in her face and body over the years can provide insight into the work she may or may not have had done.

Rumors of Facelift Surgery

Jeri Ryan Facelift

Rumors of Jeri Ryan getting facelift surgery started emerging in the early 2000s as fans began analyzing before and after photos of the actress and noticing changes in her facial appearance. Some speculated that the differences around her cheeks, jawline, and neck were signs she had work done like a facelift or neck lift. The timeline of when she may have gotten the procedures done was estimated to be sometime between starring on Star Trek: Voyager which ended in 2001 and her later roles in Boston Public and Shark around the mid-2000s.

Comparing photos, the structure of Jeri’s face does appear more taut and lifted in the cheeks and under the chin in later years. Some plastic surgery experts believe these could be telltale signs of a surgical facelift and skin tightening procedures. However, the changes are quite subtle and could also be attributed to natural aging, weight loss, or makeup techniques. Jeri herself has not confirmed undergoing any surgical facelifts.

Eyelid Surgery Speculation

Jeri Ryan Eyelid

There has been speculation that Jeri Ryan has undergone upper eyelid surgery, known as a blepharoplasty, to lift her droopy eyelids. Comparing photos of Jeri from earlier in her career to more recent images, her eyes do appear more open and alert. This cosmetic procedure removes excess skin and fat from the upper eyelids to create a more youthful, rested appearance.

Some plastic surgeons who have analyzed before and after images of Jeri note her eyelids previously had extra folds and sagging skin that are now gone. This points to possible surgical enhancement rather than natural aging. However, Jeri has never publicly confirmed undergoing blepharoplasty. As people age, eyelids can droop naturally so it’s unclear if surgery or simply makeup techniques are smoothing out Jeri’s eyelids. While remaining speculation, it does appear plausible Jeri had this minimally invasive procedure to brighten her eyes.

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Nose Job Rumors

Jeri Ryan Nose Job

There has been some speculation that Jeri Ryan has had a rhinoplasty or nose job to alter the shape of her nose over the years. Looking at before and after photos, the bridge of her nose does appear slightly thinner and more refined in more recent images compared to earlier in her career. The changes are subtle, but her nose seems to have gotten narrower and the tip looks a bit more upturned.

However, it’s difficult to say for certain if Jeri has actually gone under the knife. Things like makeup, lighting, and losing baby fat as she got older could also account for these differences. The evolution of her nose shape has been very gradual as opposed to sudden, which lends credibility to the possibility that it’s natural. Overall, while a subtle rhinoplasty can’t be ruled out, there is no clear evidence or confirmation that Jeri Ryan has actually had a nose job. Any tweaks to her nose have been minimal if so.

Breast Augmentation Talk

Jeri Ryan Breast Augmentation

There have been rumors over the years that Jeri Ryan had breast augmentation surgery early in her acting career. Her most famous role as Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager showed off her voluptuous figure, leading some to speculate that she had implants.

One source noted that “Jeri Ryan had a beautiful figure to begin with, which is required for the look, but Seven of Nine has been enhanced with a corset, girdle and a pushup bra.” 1 While wardrobe and undergarments certainly enhanced her physique on screen, it’s unclear if Ryan actually underwent surgery for larger breasts.

Looking at photos of Ryan over the decades, her breast size does not appear to have changed dramatically. There are some variations in cleavage and enhancement based on wardrobe choices, camera angles, and weight fluctuations. However, her breasts have maintained a similar size and shape.

Overall, while rumors have persisted about breast implants, there is no definitive evidence that Jeri Ryan has actually undergone breast augmentation surgery. Her body shape seems consistent with natural aging and her denial of plastic surgery procedures.

Skin Treatments

Jeri Ryan Skin Treatment

There has been speculation that Jeri Ryan gets regular nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to keep her skin looking youthful. Some experts believe she may get treatments like Botox or dermal fillers to smooth out wrinkles and add fullness to her cheeks and lips.

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Over the years, fans have noticed Jeri’s skin appears smoother, fuller, and more radiant. This glowy look could potentially be achieved through laser treatments and chemical peels. Lasers can resurface the skin, reduce signs of sun damage and tighten loose skin. While peels can increase collagen production for firmer, brighter and more even-toned skin.

So while major surgery rumors swirl, its likely some non-invasive treatments also contribute to Jeri’s age-defying beauty. Her skin has a natural plumpness and healthy shine that doesn’t appear overdone. This implies she approaches cosmetic treatments conservatively to enhance her natural good looks.

Jeri Ryan’s Response

Jeri Ryan has not directly confirmed or denied having plastic surgery procedures done. However, she has addressed the rampant speculation and rumors surrounding her appearance.

In an interview, Ryan stated:

“I find it amusing that people actually care whether or not I’ve had plastic surgery. I really couldn’t care less about comments about my appearance. I’m very happy with the way I look, which makes other people’s opinions irrelevant. If I want to alter my appearance, I will. If I don’t, I won’t. It’s my face and my body – no one else’s. I think there are more important issues in the world than whether or not a celebrity had a facelift or breast implants.”

Ryan’s statement indicates that while she is not bothered by the plastic surgery rumors, she also does not feel compelled to directly address or confirm them. She appears comfortable with herself and her looks, regardless of outside speculation. Her focus remains on her work and impact rather than headlines about her face or body.

Expert Analysis

Cosmetic surgeons have weighed in with their professional opinions on what procedures Jeri Ryan may have undergone over the years:

“It appears that Jeri Ryan has had some subtle enhancements like fillers in her cheeks and lips. Her face shape looks slightly different, indicating she may have had a mini facelift or neck lift at some point” according to Dr. Norman Rowe, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York.

“Looking at photos of Jeri over the years, it seems she may have gotten a brow lift and blepharoplasty on her eyes. Her eyebrows appear slightly higher and arched, and her upper eyelids look more open and youthful,” noted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Rady Rahban.

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“Jeri Ryan’s nose also looks thinner, with a slightly raised tip, which is a sign that she may have had a rhinoplasty or nose job early in her career,” said Dr. Michael Horn, a leading plastic surgeon in Chicago.

Overall, the changes to Jeri’s face appear natural and not overdone. The expert consensus is that if she has had plastic surgery, it was done with an eye for subtle enhancement versus major transformation.

Her Natural Beauty

Jeri Ryan Young

Jeri Ryan has often been praised for her timeless beauty and perfect skin over the years. In various interviews, she has emphasized that she prefers to age gracefully and naturally rather than undergo cosmetic procedures. Ryan credits her flawless complexion and fit physique to leading a healthy lifestyle. She starts every morning with yoga or Pilates, followed by cardio or strength training. Her diet consists of clean, whole foods like fish, chicken, veggies, and fruit. She avoids processed foods, sugars, and alcohol.

Staying active and eating a balanced, nutritious diet has allowed Ryan to maintain her natural glow over time. Fans praise the actress for embracing her beauty and aging with grace rather than giving in to the pressures of Hollywood. Her attitude serves as an inspiration to women to take care of their bodies and feel confident at any age.

Legacy and Impact

Jeri Ryan has left a lasting mark on popular culture and the entertainment industry through her iconic portrayal of Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Her character, a human who was assimilated into the Borg collective as a child before later being freed, became a fan favorite and one of the most recognizable characters from the Star Trek universe.

With her talent, intelligence, and beauty, Ryan inspired many women and served as a role model. Her Seven of Nine was portrayed as highly intelligent and analytical, as well as learning to regain her humanity after being Borg. Ryan showed that women could be smart, competent, and still be appreciated for their attractiveness. She paved the way for more multi-dimensional women characters in sci-fi.

Even decades later, Ryan continues to inspire fans around the world. She often speaks about the impact Seven of Nine had and her enduring connection with Star Trek fans. Ryan showed the power of exploring humanity through sci-fi storytelling. Her legacy lives on through Seven of Nine and the many women Ryan has influenced over the years.

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