Is The Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery A Fake?

Kenny Rogers is one of the most popular musicians not only in the United States, but also a highly recognized artist in the world. Even at his 81 years, a popular musician looked really charming, which, as it is believed by the mass, is the result of an artificial interference in his body. However, some fans still doubt with a fact that a Kenny Rogers plastic surgery is real.

Though, who is right?

Eleven years ago, in 2012, in his interview on Anderson Live show, Kenny Rogers joked about making any facelift, and claimed that he has never had plastic surgery before in his life.

Really, it is hard to disagree that he is reach and has enough time for his private life, especially when you consider that in recent years he was officially retired.

Although a Kenny Rogers denied any cosmetic reconstruction of his body, transformations during his career could prove whether he has ever resorted to the help of doctors to improve his body. Hereby, in order to discover whether the artist is cunning about his plastic, we examined changes in the Kenny Rogers face life.


1957. This is the year when a 19-years old Kenny made his debut with the song “That Crazy Feeling”. At this photo, he appears as a handsome young man with thick eyebrows, long chin, and manly jaw.

Kenny Rogers 1957 years

1967. This photo was taken 10 years after Kenny debuted on a stage. After entering The First Edition band, he slightly changed his image and started to wear a mustache and beard.

Kenny Rogers 1967 years

1968. Kenny with his band gained a significant popularity during the first decade of The First Edition life. It seems that success has slightly spoiled his appearance, causing a noticeable weight gain. In particular, at this photo, we can see that his face has gained some fat, which, luckily, is covered by a beard.

Kenny Rogers 1968 years

1976. At this year Kenny started his solo career and released some hits and best-selling album. This photo provides us with the evidence that at that year he started to look significantly older, mainly due to his graying hair and beard. However, we cannot descry any significant changes in Kenny Rogers body or face, and it seems that he did not lift them yet.

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Kenny Rogers 1976 years

1985. This photo was taken during the Kenny Rogers interview at the Farm Aid concert in Illinois. It seems that at his 47 Kenny started to experience a hair thinning, which is one of the biggest fears of the middle-aged men. Therefore, we could assume that if during the next years Kenny Rogers’s hairstyle will repair; it is definitely the result of plastic.

Kenny Rogers 1985 years

1990. At this photo with his ex-wife Marianne Gordon we see that Kenny Rogers removed the bangs from his forehead, which allowed hiding a started baldness. Besides that, his face looks pretty chubby, so it is doubtful whether he used any Botox at that time. However, at that time he was already 52 years old, and his face began to become wrinkled.

Kenny Rogers 1990 years

1998. After almost 30 years of wearing beards, Kenny Rogers finally showed his face and it really seems to be lifted.

Kenny Rogers 1998 years

Why did we decide those?

Let’s think. From the one hand, Kenny is already 60 years old. It’s a venerable age, which requires much effort for maintaining a good appearance.

From the other hand, a musician seems to be not a person, highly engaged in exercises or healthy nutrition. Therefore, the only explanation of such springy skin at Kenny Rogers face is that he started to use lifting procedures.

2000. We can see that at this year Kenny’s face started to experience significant drawbacks of his age, thereby making him look much older than before. However, such an appearance is natural for men at his age. As you can see, the artist’s face is cut with deep wrinkles, which could not be hidden even with the professional make-up.

Kenny Rogers 2000 years

Moreover, due to increased fat in his body and low skin elasticity, Kenny’s jaw just disappears. Besides that, you can see that his eyes are slightly hidden due to wrinkles. Therefore, a Kenny Roger facelift seems to be the only way to improve his appearance.

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2003. Three years have passed after the previous photo, but Kenny seems to look even more handsome than before. In particular, we can see that his eye has become more open, which is definitely the result of an eye lift surgery.

Kenny Rogers 2003 years

Furthermore, a skin on his face has become more stretched and his cheeks and forehead become less wrinkled. In particular, improvements on his face could be a result of Botox injections or blepharoplasty. Hence, we could unequivocally say that these two photos illustrate the appearance of Kenny Rogers before and after plastic surgery.

2006. In 2006 in his interview, Kenny complained that he is disappointed with his eye plastic surgery because his eyelids became too much tight around his eyes. Besides that Kenny Rogers also admitted that he has already made some plastic surgery to his face earlier in his career.

Kenny Rogers 2006 years

Another noticeable thing that falls into our eyes is that after many years of being fat Kenny significantly improved his weight. Hence, we can guess that in addition to his facelift the artist has already had some liposuction procedures, which allowed controlling the weight of his body.

2010. You can see that at his 72 the artist looks even better than a decade before. It seems that the older Kenny Rogers gets the more handsome he became. It is true that any man at his age (and even younger) would desire to have a similar look. We believe that looking at this picture you can’t disagree that Kenny Rogers has made some facelift to receive such amazing results.

Kenny Rogers 2010 years

2015. At this photo, Kenny is receiving the Artist of a Lifetime Honor at 2015 CMT Artists. This year is also memorable for his fans because at that year Kenny announced his retirement. However, almost 58 years of his career did not leave a noticeable imprint on the artist appearance.

Kenny Rogers 2015 years

Yes, his hair and beard have grown gray, and he is already not a 19-year old boy as at the beginning of his career. Nevertheless, being at the age of only 3 years before his 80th anniversary Kenny still was able to keep his charisma and male beauty.

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2017. At this year Kenny Rogers finally gone out of entertainment business. As the artist said now he is planning to spend more time with his family and, therefore, be away from public life. Therefore, it seems that now Kenny Rogers do not require any plastic surgery to his body.

Kenny Rogers 2017 years

2020. Unfortunately for all his fans, on March 20, 2020, Kenny Rogers died at the age of 81. Bright memory.

Kenny Rogers 2020 years

Some interesting facts about Kenny Rogers

His real name is Kenneth Donald Rogers, and he was born 21st August 1938 in Houston, Texas, USA. Although he is Irish by ethnicity, Kenny is American by his nationality. Kenny Rogers is known as the musician, songwriter, music producer, and even an actor. At the end of his career, he now owns almost $250 million in assets.

Kenny Rogers was married 5 times. His last marriage was to Wanda Miller, which lasted about 20 years. From each marriage (except marriage with Jean Rogers), Kenny has had a child, and in all he had five children.


Q: What cosmetic surgery did Kenny Rogers have?

  • A: Kenny Rogers underwent various cosmetic surgery procedures throughout his career. He openly acknowledged having facelifts, eyelid surgery, and other cosmetic enhancements to maintain a youthful appearance.

Q: When did Kenny Rogers have cosmetic surgery?

  • A: The specific timeline of Kenny Rogers’ cosmetic surgeries is not publicly documented, but it is known that he had multiple procedures over the years.


We do not argue that Kenny is a superstar for everyone, but he definitely gave us many great songs. Although Kenny Rogers has had a plastic surgery experience in the past, he did it in an unobtrusive and subtle way. Therefore, he was able to provide a proper example for millions of other males of maintaining their beauty and youth for many years.

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